A Gallantry Beer Pair: Let Magic Happen + Even More Jesus

December 21, 2016

A Gallantry Beer Pair: Let Magic Happen + Even More Jesus

Card: Let Magic Happen

Inside: Mary and Joseph Did. Merry Christmas

Beer: Even More Jesus Imperial Stout (Evil Twin Brewing, Brooklyn, NY).

We are not really sure what happened the night Mary and Joseph hooked up.

Was it magic? A miracle? A weirdly sexualized visit from an angel? We just don’t know.

It is fair to say that neither Danielle or Kerry have read the Bible cover to cover.

Andrea, well, she believes, but likes to keep that to herself and is proud of her faith, whatever it may be.

Danielle’s boy, Ivar, stepped foot in a church for the first time just this year.

We are pretty sure he had no idea what was going on, just that some guy made him carry a cross down the aisle shortly before his uncle said ‘I do’.

Kerry’s boy Carter followed behind him, carrying the holy water.

He couldn’t quite understand why the holy water came from a tap in the bathroom, or why the man in the white dress proceeded to splash that water over the wedded couple.

It’s not easy to explain that sort of stuff to seven-year-olds. Heck, it’s not easy explaining that sort of stuff to 40-year-olds.

But, whether you are a believer or not, a beer called Even More Jesus can’t be a bad thing - just so long as it doesn’t lead you into temptation (beer has done that to all of us, from time to time). And, at 12 per cent, we fear it could easily lead to one sin or another.

We also suspect that it may leave you feeling a little fuzzy on Sunday morning - a lot like church.

For the record, we don’t care if you believe or not. We believe in people who believe in something.

After all, as we’ve mentioned a few times, Kerry believes in Santa.

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