Banff Provisions General Store for Gallantry Cards

November 21, 2016

Banff Provisions General Store for Gallantry Cards

Introducing Banff Provisions General Storeone of our favourite and first stockists.

Andrea’s friend Yannis recommended this store for Gallantry Cards. Yannis is informally the Mayor of Banff, owns most of the restaurants in town and is also pretty good at skiing.

Danielle once went to a Boardercross in Banff, won a bronze medal and subsequently lost her medal while snowboarding down from Sunshine after a few celebratory beers. 

So, thank-you to Yannis for making this match-made-in-card heaven, and read on to learn more about this awesome store (go check them out and tell them we say "hi".)

[ Intraweb]
[ Human ] 115 Banff Avenue
[ Twitter ] @banffprovisions
[ Insta ] provisionsgeneralstore 

Tell us, in not so many words, the story of your store - whose crazy idea was it, was there wine involved, and what made it go from a dream to a reality?

The store began out of necessity, as we are the owners of the building and the previous tenants moved onto other ventures.

As we came out of the hospitality industry (hotels) we had no previous experience at retail so the decision was made to call it Banff Provisions General Store.

That gave us the ability to sell whatever we thought would be appealing to locals and tourists alike, without being the same as most of the other souvenir-type stores in town.

There definitely was wine or stronger spirits involved in the decision to start this venture, because if we had have known how much work was involved we may have chosen a different path!


Who are the people behind, and out front, of Banff Provisions General Store?

The team consists of my wife Mary, our daughter-in-law MJ and myself (Gary, the Boss).



What does the Banff Provisions General Store crew like to do in their spare time? What is your favourite Banff hike, ski run, bike trail, or hot tub location?

On our off time all of our staff, as well as Mary and myself, love to get outside and ski, hike and enjoy this beautiful area.

Best thing about your store, other than Gallantry Cards of course?

I think that the best aspect of our store is the diverse range of products that we bring in. But, it is  also the hardest part, because of all the small vendors that we continually have to order from!

What are you inspired by? What keeps you getting up every morning to do what you do? 

I’ve lived here all my life and just the metropolitan feel of Banff and the scenery makes us glad to be living and working in this town.


What is your favourite Gallantry Card? (We understand if there are many favourites and feel free to number them in list form, with myriad adjectives).

I personally like the Naked Chicks card (but don’t tell Mary). All of your cards are very amusing and watching people’s reactions while standing at the Gallantry rack and reading the cards is priceless!

If you were to take us out for dinner, where would you take us and what would we drink?

Banff has a huge selection of restaurants and bars to chose from but the latest one which is right up my alley is Chuck's Steakhouse for Alberta beef, paired with a good Okanagan full-bodied red wine.

What is the strangest thing a customer has said/requested/asked for?

Living in Banff National Park we always get asked “where’s the park?’ Products that have been asked for lately include weed, samurai swords and firewood just to name a few!



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