Square One Coffee for Gallantry Cards

June 10, 2017

Square One Coffee for Gallantry Cards

Introducing Square One Coffee, our latest and greatest Edmonton coffee shop and retailer.

[ Human ]15 Fairway Dr NW, Edmonton Alberta

[Facebook] Square1Coffee
[ Insta ] Square1Coffee

Tell us, in not so many words, the story of your store - whose crazy idea was it, was there wine involved, and what made it go from a dream to a reality?

This shop was the idea of our owners, Jonathan and Brandy Brozny. They tell us the main reason they opened the shop was to not work and drink coffee, which kind of backfired because they’re there every day.

Aside from that personal interest, they wanted a place that people could feel comfortable, where people can work, meet friends, play music etc. Making great coffee is only partially what we are about, we are more proud of the fact that the place has become a home for our customers!

Who are the people behind, and out front, of Square One Coffee?

Although Jonathan and Brandy are the visionaries, they are only a part of the soul of the cafe. We have a small group of staff, some have been here since the beginning! We all have very different personalities that all bring a unique flair to this place. But as much as Square 1 is the staff, we are also the steady group of regulars that come in day after day. They are as much a part of our family as we are!

Best thing about your store, other than Gallantry Cards of course?

Our staff, hands down. Not many places do you find such a close knit group of people who all share a passion for craft coffee and products. We are more a family than coworkers. They make me excited to come in, even on my days off. Also, amazing coffee. But the staff are still better.


What are you inspired by? What keeps you getting up every morning to do what you do? 

Working at a coffee shop, caffeine is a major fuel source for me. As far as emotionally, I am genuinely passionate about the products we sell. Once I’m in a conversation about our coffee or our local products, it’s hard to get me to stop. This all makes work a huge joy!

What is your favourite Gallantry Card? (We understand if there are many favourites and feel free to number them in list form, with myriad adjectives).

I feel like I go through seasons of my favourite cards! Currently my favourite is the Make it Memorable birthday card. From the photo to the inside message, pure gold.

If you were to take us out for dinner, where would you take us and what would we drink?

Tough question! So many great places to chose from. If we are looking for a classy night out I’d take you guys to Clementine for a glass of full-bodied red wine. If we’re just looking to soak up some summer vibes however, definitely we’d hit up Original Joe’s patio for some Patio Joes.

What is the strangest thing a customer has said/requested/asked for?

It’s a tie for me between a time someone asked for cream for their large latte (which is 7/8ths steamed milk) and the day where someone asked if they could lay down on one of our couches, and then proceeded to sleep there for a couple of hours.



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