A Gallantry Beer Pair: Love What You Have Got + Halfway to Whangarei

December 12, 2016

A Gallantry Beer Pair: Love What You Have Got + Halfway to Whangarei

Card: Love What You Have Got

Inside Reads: All I Got Was Coal

Beer: Halfway to Whangarei Grissette (8 Wired, New Zealand)

Kerry made us include some beers from New Zealand, because that’s where he is from and that will always be where his heart lies. Fair enough - we make him endure Canadian winters, so we are okay with him yearning for home now and then.

Whangarei (which Canadian spellcheck wants to turn into ‘Wangler’, which is not cool), is a city in the north of New Zealand which is known to be a little sleepy, is close to great beaches, and was once the centre of a small but proud coal-mining industry that is now long gone.

It’s the gateway to the Far North, a magical place which Kerry once visited on a school camp, and badly grazed his knee when he got a bit too enthusiastic on a rope swing. A beer would have come in handy that day.

Want any more proof that this beer pairs perfectly with this card? Here, read the label…

Inspired by the coal miner’s beer of choice in 1800s Wallonia. Fermented with our saison strain followed by secondary fermentation by Modern TImes’ house strain of brettanomyces. New Zealand hops elevates it from the coal mines and makes it modern.

We have no idea what brettanomyces is. We’re not beer geeks like our friends at the Daily Beer. But, we like modern, with a dash of melancholic history.

Plus, one of Kerry’s first ever writing jobs was based in Warkworth, which just happens to be where the 8 Wired brewery is found, and is almost exactly Halfway to Whangarei.

So there we go. Gallantry serendipity, enhanced by a bottle of Kiwi beer.

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