JUST FRIENDS ? The card that you should always have on hand.

February 25, 2017

JUST FRIENDS ?  The card that you should always have on hand.

This is not the end of your story.

But, it is the end of ours. Just Friends?

Here lies four accounts of the Just Friends? card in respect to four customers (it should be noted that only three cards were sold in these interactions).

Customer Interaction #1

The Scene: 

At the very first Gallantry Cards Pop-up Market.


Gallantry break up card

I had just finished building a stand to house all of our Gallantry Cards and the opportunity to go to the Pemberton Slow Food Cycle was presented to us.

So like any new entrepreneur I packed up my truck and drove north in the hopes of selling our wares and primarily seeing how the cards would be accepted by the masses.  We set up far in the Pemberton Meadows on the cusp of cellular coverage.

Quickly on I noticed that you need to tell people ‘you need to read the inside to get the full Gallantry Experience’. Failing that I would grab a card and give it to somebody…

Me: hand the lady the Just Friends? greeting card

Lady: goes pale. “Why did you give me this card?”

Me: (Not really knowing what to say i stammered “it’s one of my favourites”.

(Even though… to this day I still have not had the guts to give it to somebody- maybe I shouldn’t write this).

Lady: stares back and says “well it’s just that I am facing a decision right now and I feel like you giving me this card is a sign of what I should do.”

Me: feeling a bit stressed and awkward but let her do her thing.

Half an hour later I looked back at her and she was on her phone reading the card to her best friend and taking photos.

Lady: “I’m going to get it. Realistically I should get about six of them”.

My judgment :

  1. This lady really owns who she is.
  2. She’s pushing 60 … but that doesn’t stop her.
  3. She gets Gallantry


Customer Interaction #2

The Scene: 

Squamish Farmers Market.


Friend one is a very well-dressed man, in his early 20s, extremely animated.

Friend two is a cute girl pushing 22, if that. She is dressed with a certain BoHo chic.

Friend One: Picks up the Just Friends? greeting card

“Oh my Gawd! I will buy you this card if you promise to use it!”

Friend Two: Bites her tongue and looks sheepishly off in the distance.

My judgment :

  1. She’s dating a dick.
  2. She knows it and cannot help herself. They will probably date for another 10 years if she doesn’t ante up and use the card.
  3. If she doesn’t buy this card she will be divorced by 30.
  4. This card has the power to change many people’s lives.

Customer Interaction #3

The Scene: 

At Christmas market in North Vancouver.


Male, about 50-years-old, approaches the booth and stares at all of the beautiful covers of Gallantry.

Me: “You have to read the inside of the card to know what it is about.”

Him: “I see that. I’m just looking at the cover to see which one speaks to me.”

Me: awkwardly smile and wait.

Him: Picks up the Just Friends? card reads it and then says “Perfect, I’ll take it.”

Me: “You do understand what kind of card that is sir?”

Him: “Yeah the kind of card I need on hand.”

My judgment:

  1. This dude goes through more women than Brad Pitt and George Clooney would back in the day.
  2. Or, at least, he likes to think he does.


Customer Interaction #4

The Scene: 

Whistler Farmers Market, girl is in stall for about 20 minutes … purchases five cards, one of which is the Just Friends? card.


Me: “Wow you are buying this card? That’s amazing.”

Her: “Yeah, I was hoping it would really lighten the mood.”

Me: Mouth dropped, but in a very keep talking sort of way.

Her (at this point I should say she has a very obvious Australian accent) : ‘Well I was ALWAYS going back home, so it was clear from the beginning. But I think it’s still kind of hard for him’.

My judgment:

  1. She liked him because it wasn’t ever going to be permanent.
  2. Australians really get Gallantry.
  3. I need to go on a Sales Trip there.
  4. How do I convince Danielle and Kerry?

I’m not sure if it was Kerry or Danielle who read this inspiration and came up with this card. But we all decided it’s kind of shitty for somebody to cheat on you, text you or get their therapist to break up with you.

At Gallantry Cards, we felt we had to step up, and help people break up. For many, it’s the best thing they can do.



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