Our Story

Welcome to Gallantry Cards - we are here for you, in an anti-letterpress, cry with laughter, the price of a stamp is only one dollar, kind of way. 

Remember how awesome it was to have a pen pal?

You would wait in anticipation, walk to your mailbox (we are envisioning we all live in the country and have to walk to get our mail) and hopefully find a letter filled with the latest updates from Pierre in France. He only wrote in French, you couldn’t read French and there was no such thing as Google translator but you didn’t care - you ripped that letter open, loved the feeling of the lined Hilroy paper in your hands, a hint of cigarette smoke lingered and there was always a bit of ‘juice’ stained on it (you later found out that it was red wine and that Pierre was too old to be a pen pal but it brought you so much joy, happiness and a break from your mundane country life you just didn’t care).

Gallantry Cards is not Pierre, nor do we endorse weird, age-gapped pen pals. But we do believe in reaching out with handwritten letters and the licking of stamps that still fail to stick.

We believe in filling mailboxes with more than just bills and Bulk Barn coupons. We are tired of texting and emoticons, of hurried voicemail and lousy Skype connections.

People need something that makes them smile, and that lets them know they’re not alone (even when they, for all intents and purposes, are).

Gallantry - we wrote a card to remind your wife to take out the garbage before we wrote a thank-you card. But we should probably write a thank-you card because those actually sell.

Our cards are the result of two good friends, Danielle and Andrea, separated by the Great Divide and a time zone.

We began as a couple of friends, each with individual talents, laughing over a couple glasses (read, bottles) of wine, looking at photographs and making jokes. We began by tearing apart those inspirational quotes that our Facebook feeds have become filled with.

 And we began when Kerry decided to help us with our unbelievable bad spelling, and when his Mum - who lives half a world away - kept begging him for a birthday card, to no avail.

We still have the bottles of wine (well, not the same ones, obviously), and we still share our feelings through awkward jokes. And now we have a closet full of cards, which Kerry still never sends to his Mum.

Gallantry - you might not like us, or you might really love us. The only certainty is that our grammar is impeccable.

Andrea, Danielle and Kerry